2 More of Those and She’s 21

This post is by another “guest” blogger.  Not many of you know me, but I work behind the scenes at BabyLegs and I’m a proud BL Dad to two beautiful girls.  And while Amy is definitely the star of the show this month as new mom and guest blogger, my post is simply to remind us of just how fleeting our time with our children is.

Claire yesterdayMy baby girl turned 7 today.  Claire started grade 1 this week and is growing up right before our eyes.  She’s a smart, caring, social little girl with lots of friends and even more ideas.  It wasn’t that long ago that we (yes, as a Dad I use the term “we” very loosely) were up with her at all hours changing, feeding and rocking our teensy baby girl.  It’s been even less time since she learned to hold her head up, roll over, crawl, talk, walk and before we knew it, run.  Now she rides a bike with no training wheels, reads us stories and gives us a confident wave and “see ya later” when we drop her off at school.

You see, as long as the nights feel now, and as monotonous the days might be, our little babies will grow up faster than we’d like.  And one day, we’ll wonder what happened.  How did my baby girl grow up so fast?

Claire todayMy baby girl turned 7 today.  Two more of those and she’ll be 21.  Thinking about it that way ensures that I pay attention now.  Even with our hectic lives, busy work schedules and demands of the daily grind, I have to remember that I don’t have much time.  I need to pay attention.

My baby girl turned 7 today.  Tomorow she’ll be 21.


3 Thoughts on “2 More of Those and She’s 21

  1. Stephanie C on September 13, 2010 at 11:13 pm said:

    A wonderful post. I can’t believe how fast they grow up. It’s nice to see it from a Dad too!

  2. Thanks for the reminder! It is so true how they grow up too quickly. She’s beautiful, happy birthday!

  3. Thanks a lot for making me cry, man! :(

    Yesterday, our youngest (8 months) was sitting in her highchair eating lunch. Dad walked by, stared at her, and said, “Slow down, little girl! Why are you growing up so fast? You’re the last little one we’ll have.” I am definitely done having babies, but that was the first time it hit me that this is our last baby. I’m so tired of feeding, dressing, and caring for little ones, and it sure seems to be dragging by. But one day, I’ll look back and be so sad that I didn’t savor these moments more. Thanks for the reminder.

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