Growth spurts, Hiccups, and Blowouts Oh My

It is a total understatement to say that I love being a mom.  It’s the best, most amazing thing ever.  Somehow, even when I barely get any sleep, am covered in spit-up, am constantly changing diapers, and am walking around for HOURS soothing hiccups and trying to get Quinn to sleep, the good still manages to outweigh the challenging.

An unhappy Quinn

And the last couple of weeks have definitely been challenging!  There have been a lot of “frequency days” full of nursing, as often as every two hours some days.  Diapers have mostly succeeded, but there have been a few really messy failures.  And her hiccups are the worst.  Internet research and the dozens of baby books we have all say that hiccups don’t really bother babies and will go away on their own.  Well, they bother our baby and I have a hard time believing that she is the first.  They often last 30-40 minutes and are usually uncomfortable enough to lead to crying and fussing. It also turns out that the fussy evenings (the legendary “witching hour”) are not just a rumor; they’re real.  We’ve only threatened to put her up for adoption a couple of times, which given the challenges, I think is pretty good.

A much happier Quinn

Fortunately for all of us, she has matched all of the challenges will some serious cuteness.  She is now flashing adorable smiles, complimented by heart-melting gurgles and coos.  I’m not historically a sentimental sort, so who knew that I could be such a sucker for the baby cuteness, but I’ve fallen hard for this little bean with monk hair.

Our continued happiness may hinge on being able to find a cure for the hiccups though, if a cure exists.  If you have any ideas- please let me know!

Easy Halloween

Some moms out there are over the top with costumes- kudos to y’all for planning months in advance and handcrafting awesome, elaborate costumes for your little ones.  For the rest of us, there’s BabyLegs.  No need to slave over a sewing machine for a costume that is still classy and looks homemade.  Take a onesie or bodysuit and some easy to find costume accessories, add some BabyLegs leg warmers, and voila- instant cute costume.

Now, I’m not particularly crafty and I was still able to put together a pretty darn cute fairy princess costume for our photoshoot using stuff that you might already have around the house, and if you don’t you’ll at least use them again. Here’s the recipe:

1  gymnastics/ballet/etc. bodysuit

1 tutu

1 tiara

1 wand (optional)

1 pair fairy BabyLegs leg warmers

Quinn is going to be a bee this year- in no small part because grandma found a cute little bee vest thingy at Marshall’s for a steal.  But, because she is still so tiny, the jumpsuit that goes underneath doesn’t fit.  Luckily, BabyLegs has two super-cute options for bees this year: bee stripe and bees bumbling.  (Cute options for ladybugs too BTW.)

Click HERE for BabyLegs’ Halloween costume designs.  Good luck and happy halloween!  Boo!

Retail Round-up: Purple

While pink is always the mainstay for girls, purple has returned as a hot color this fall.  It’s not “the new black” or anything, but it’s definitely well-represented, both for adults as well as children.  So, of course BabyLegs has a number of super-cute purple leg warmers this fall to keep your little one fashionable.

For example, we’ve got (from left to right): Bumper Hearts (pink base with multi-colored hearts), Purple Heart (alternating purple stripes with one big purple heart), Blue Ribbon (modern, bright multi-stripe), and Corral ( purple, oatmeal, and brown argyle).

If you don’t already have purple wardrobe options to pair with them, we’ve compiled some suggestions, based on what’s available online and in stores right now:

The GAP offers a long-sleeved purple pointelle bodysuit ($9.99), a cute owl bodysuit ($6.99), and a velour bubble-skirt dress ($24.50).

Gymboree had a ridiculously cute monkey ballerina corduroy jumper ($24.99) and a tiered jersey dress.

Carters has a couple of bodysuit options: the puppy and stripes 2-pack ($10) or the Daddy’s Girl 5-pack ($14 for 5!)

So get some purple BabyLegs leg warmers and something cute to pair with them!  See you out on the catwalk in your fashionable purple!

TGFG (Thank Goodness for Grandma)

My mom has been a godsend.  Seriously.

First, I got mastitis.  I was in a fever-haze for a couple of days while I figured out what was going on and while the antibiotics kicked in.  Mom swooped in to provide extra help with Quinn so that I could literally just sleep and feed Quinn.  Then, the hubs was out-of-town for work the following week and mom saved the day again, coming to stay with us for four days.  Could be the extensive baby-soothing experience, or just the willingness to do whatever needs to be done.  Could be that there is nobody like your mother to take care of you when you need it.  Either way, grandma is super helpful and great to have around.  Let’s hope that she comes back real soon.  And thanks, mom.  You’re the best!

2 More of Those and She’s 21

This post is by another “guest” blogger.  Not many of you know me, but I work behind the scenes at BabyLegs and I’m a proud BL Dad to two beautiful girls.  And while Amy is definitely the star of the show this month as new mom and guest blogger, my post is simply to remind us of just how fleeting our time with our children is.

Claire yesterdayMy baby girl turned 7 today.  Claire started grade 1 this week and is growing up right before our eyes.  She’s a smart, caring, social little girl with lots of friends and even more ideas.  It wasn’t that long ago that we (yes, as a Dad I use the term “we” very loosely) were up with her at all hours changing, feeding and rocking our teensy baby girl.  It’s been even less time since she learned to hold her head up, roll over, crawl, talk, walk and before we knew it, run.  Now she rides a bike with no training wheels, reads us stories and gives us a confident wave and “see ya later” when we drop her off at school.

You see, as long as the nights feel now, and as monotonous the days might be, our little babies will grow up faster than we’d like.  And one day, we’ll wonder what happened.  How did my baby girl grow up so fast?

Claire todayMy baby girl turned 7 today.  Two more of those and she’ll be 21.  Thinking about it that way ensures that I pay attention now.  Even with our hectic lives, busy work schedules and demands of the daily grind, I have to remember that I don’t have much time.  I need to pay attention.

My baby girl turned 7 today.  Tomorow she’ll be 21.