Valentine’s Day

Can you feel the love? Valentine’s Day is such a special time. I believe it is not just for couples to share their love for each other; it is for anyone, no matter how old, to show and be shown their love and appreciation for each other. When I was a child, my mom would always get each of us kids one of those chocolate boxes that have cute pictures like a bee with the notation “bee mine” on it for Valentine’s Day. We would also spend an evening filling out our special Valentine’s Day cards to hand out to classmates at school. It is a time I remember and cannot wait to share those same type of memories with my children. These days there is a lot of fun things that can be done with your kids: crafts, treats, homemade cards. Some ideas to get your kids involved:

- Take them out on a special date. Let them get dressed up and take them out to dinner. Make them feel special. To make it even more fun, present them with their very own box of chocolates and a card letting them know how much you love them. Children need to be reminded how much you love them and a day like this would likely stay in their memories forever. It can even turn into a fun tradition you share.

- Help them make some Valentine’s goodies they can share with their friends. Rice Crispies treats in the shape of hearts, cupcakes with heart shaped sprinkles, or heart shaped sugar cookies.

-Handing out Valentine’s Day cards was always the most fun for me when I was a kid. You can help your child pick them out, or get crafty and make some homemade ones. This might take awhile if they have a large class to hand them out to, but it can be a lot of fun. Just add some glue, glitter, googly eyes, tissue paper, confetti, stickers and of course, the doilies.

- Make some fun crafts with them. Hand print crafts are lots of fun. With some red paint, you can create keepsake hand prints in the shape of a heart.

- Cook  up some heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, then send them to school with a lunch filled with heart shaped goodies. You can cup up their sandwich, and some strawberries in the shape of a heart. Add some candy hearts or any other heart shaped desert to the mix. It would be a lot of fun to mix up their normal lunch with something special. If your kids arent in school yet, you can still do this for lunch!

There are so many fun things you can do with your kids to show them you love them, and to help get them involved with sharing their love with others.

About the Blogger:

My name is Natalie, I’m 26 years old, a full-time college student and a SAHM to two wonderful (and sometimes terrible!) kids. Tanner and Penelope are 18 months apart and so sweet together. I feel I got so lucky to have one of each! I became a BabyLegs addict when Tanner was about 5 months old. Before that time I swore I’d never put my son in them, but turns out I spoke too soon! They are adorable on both boys and girls!