BabyLegs Spring 2011 Photoshoot

Quinn and I recently attended BabyLegs’ Spring 2011 photoshoot, as they needed some cute little legs to model the newborn leg warmers, and we were happy to oblige.  Here’s more about our experience and some other pictures from that day:

Here is Quinn with a dad (not her dad, a model dad.  He was a pro with her as he is a dad himself).

There were also shots of her with a mom (like me, only WAY more model-like) and an adorable little girl.

Here’s a photo of Quinn’s little friend at the hair and make up station before this shot was taken:

The shots of Quinn by herself required some self-sacrifice on my part.  Click here for a video that shows the behind the scenes action.

Yes, I'm lying on the floor to prop her up!

Here's a resulting photo

SO MANY adorable little kids that did such a great job!

Thank you to all of the great models and parents!

BabyLegs favorites like orange/aqua and rainbow are available now in both Newborn and original sizing and are 10% off this week.  Spring 2011 designs will be available in January!

Cheers, Amy

2 Thoughts on “BabyLegs Spring 2011 Photoshoot

  1. I love BabyLegs! Great new styles…thanks for sharing the photos with us.

  2. Very cute!

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