Being a New Mom

There I was, checking into the hospital to deliver a precious new baby. I had waited nine months to meet our prince or princess and the time was now! I had planned and prepared for this day since I saw the double lines on the home pregnancy test, but nothing had me prepared for the flood of emotions I felt when I was walking to the labor and delivery floor. The thought of becoming a new mom had me feeling anxious, excited, and scared.

While checking into the hospital, I remember thinking to myself, “This is it! You are going to leave this hospital with a baby!” At that moment I became anxious and so many questions ran through my head —Would I be a good mom? Would my husband be a good father? Can I REALLY do this? Once I delivered my baby and my husband said “It’s a GIRL!”, all those questions went away. They placed my daughter in my arms and I instantly fell in love with her. As I held her, I couldn’t imagine life without her and she was only in my life for a few minutes. Any anxieties I felt about becoming a new mom were washed away with excitement of my new adventure.

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Most little girls dream of being a mommy and now I was one! I was so excited to have a new baby and couldn’t wait to get her home to love on her even more. While we were at the hospital I let them keep her in the nursery at night so my husband and I could get some rest, but I did miss her so much when she was gone. I was so happy when they wheeled that bassinet into my room. She was the best baby; she only cried when she needed to be changed, fed or burped and slept most of the time. I was eager for them to discharge us so I could take my baby home and start taking care of her on my own. Finally, they discharged us and we headed home…daddy, mommy and baby! On our first night home, my excitement was now mixed with scared feelings.

Being at home with my new baby was the most scared I had been in a long time. The first night I was scared that I had done something wrong because she would just cry all the time. She didn’t sleep that first night except for an hour and that was while I was holding her in the rocking chair. I was reassured by friends and family that it would get better and they were right. We just had to work with her and get her on a schedule. By night number six she would sleep for four hours and wake up for feeding, then go back to sleep. By two weeks, she would stay awake and look at us for a few hours before going back to sleep. When she was six weeks old we had her sleeping in her room for five to six hours at night and waking twice in the night to feed. We followed her schedule and she remained happy, as were we.

A new baby can be one of the happiest times you experience. When I think back to the day of delivery, I remember feeling anxious, excited and scared. I’m sure those feelings are normal for a new mother. I read all the books and asked experienced moms, but nothing really prepared me. I just had to learn my baby’s cries and go with my gut on what needed to be done.

Every new mom’s experience is different and for most of us, adjusting to this new life as a mom is a wonderful challenge. What was your new mom experience?

About the blogger:

My name is Stephanie.  My husband and I will be married 3 years in October.  We have a soon to be two year old daughter, McKenna, and a little boy due in January.


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