Transitioning to Toddler Bed

We are expecting baby number 2 and decided that it is time to convert our daughter’s bed to a toddler bed (mainly because my growing  stomach is making it harder to get her in and out of the crib).  We wanted the transition to be as easy as possible for us and for her.  We decided to keep her crib and transition it. She was used to the crib and we were worried that a new bed would make the process harder. Her crib was able to be transitioned to a toddler bed by removing the front panel and adding a bed rail. The bed rail was placed in the middle of the mattress so she could not climb in and out of the bed. We also decided for the first few weeks we would still put her in the bed and get her out as if the bed was still a crib. We hoped this way she did not know she could get in or out by herself. We thought that would make the transition easier and she wouldn’t be trying to play when it was bedtime.

On the first night of the toddler bed we read her a book, put her to bed and kissed her goodnight (just like we always did). She noticed the railing was different, but never tried to climb out. We thought it was too easy and expected her to be climbing over the rail soon! We watched on the video monitor and before we knew it she was asleep! The next morning we went into her room and she was still in her bed! We had one successful night in a toddler bed! Whoo-hoo! We continued the same routine every night for about 2 months and never once did she get out of her bed.

Recently, we let her discover that she could get in and out of the bed by herself and she still has not gotten out in the middle of the night. In fact, she LOVES bedtime now because she can crawl into the bed and cover herself up like a big girl! We put a stool by the bed and moved the rail closer to the head of the bed so she could get in and out easier. We don’t let her play in the bed during the day and the only time she gets in the bed is naptime or bedtime—in hopes of preventing her getting up in the middle of the night and playing. The transition was easy and very successful and I believe it was because we slowly changed her routine to get her used to it.

(Here is a picture of her bed the first night we converted it–actually it was the morning after converting it! 

How did you transition your child to a toddler bed? Was it an easy or difficult transition? What were some of the things that you did to make the transition easier?

About the blogger:

My name is Stephanie.  My husband and I have bern married 3 years.  We have a two year old daughter, McKenna, and a little boy due in January.

2 More of Those and She’s 21

This post is by another “guest” blogger.  Not many of you know me, but I work behind the scenes at BabyLegs and I’m a proud BL Dad to two beautiful girls.  And while Amy is definitely the star of the show this month as new mom and guest blogger, my post is simply to remind us of just how fleeting our time with our children is.

Claire yesterdayMy baby girl turned 7 today.  Claire started grade 1 this week and is growing up right before our eyes.  She’s a smart, caring, social little girl with lots of friends and even more ideas.  It wasn’t that long ago that we (yes, as a Dad I use the term “we” very loosely) were up with her at all hours changing, feeding and rocking our teensy baby girl.  It’s been even less time since she learned to hold her head up, roll over, crawl, talk, walk and before we knew it, run.  Now she rides a bike with no training wheels, reads us stories and gives us a confident wave and “see ya later” when we drop her off at school.

You see, as long as the nights feel now, and as monotonous the days might be, our little babies will grow up faster than we’d like.  And one day, we’ll wonder what happened.  How did my baby girl grow up so fast?

Claire todayMy baby girl turned 7 today.  Two more of those and she’ll be 21.  Thinking about it that way ensures that I pay attention now.  Even with our hectic lives, busy work schedules and demands of the daily grind, I have to remember that I don’t have much time.  I need to pay attention.

My baby girl turned 7 today.  Tomorow she’ll be 21.