Fashion Friday: A New Era of Wardrobe Staples


Spring-cleaning is in full bloom. Now is a perfect time to rid your kid’s closet of too small, worn out, chocolate milk-stained clothes—except for those sentimental pieces, of course—and replenish with new colors, the latest silhouettes and trendy accoutrements. Just like your own closet, quality basics are needed to create the foundation for children’s impeccably cute wardrobe, but contrary to what you may believe about investment pieces, it is easy to restock and refresh on the cheap. Savvy moms will enjoy the newest pack of versatile wardrobe builders that will outlast the season and the life expectancy of most trends. Remember these simple rules on your next spring shopping spree.




Windbreakers are to kids as trench coats are to moms.

The name might conjure up horrible Eighties fashion, but light weight packable windbreakers are a go-to item for chilly mornings at the school bus stop and rainy day trips to the movies. An old-school elbow patch helps to tailor the athletic style and smarten up the look in the style of the trench, while the tech-y fabric excels at soaking up hot hues.

Hooded Jacket by OshKosh B'Gosh

Hooded Jacket by OshKosh B’Gosh


Layered Skirt by Mim-pi

Layered Skirt by Mim-pi

Tutus are to kids as little black dresses are to moms.

Moms know how the LBD takes the guesswork out of dressing up for a special occasion, and tutu skirts for girls does the same—plus add fairy-like fantasies to a gal’s day. From birthday parties and communions to kindergarten graduation ceremonies and weddings, tulle skirts pack a fancy punch for a myriad of events and even looks cute with a casual tee.







Twofers are to kids as twin sets are to moms. 

The look might be less prep school chic and more skater boy, but twofers serve the same purpose as their more genial counterpart: options! The layered style is a mainstay in kids’ fashion. However, on extra warm day a wiser option is to fake the look by pairing arm warmers with a cotton tee. By midday, toss the warmers in the diaper bag.

T-shirt by Zutano. BabyLegs Jolly Jack

T-shirt by Zutano. BabyLegs Jolly Jack



About the Author:

Angela Velasquez

With 4 years of experience as a children’s stylist and magazine editor, Angela brings you an insider’s perspective on trends and seasonal looks that will make babies and toddlers shine in their holiday photos and at birthday parties!  Angela also has a way of making everyday clothes and accessories look special — she’ll show you how.

Fashion Friday: April Showers Bring May Flowers and Fun Rain Boots!

Fashion meets function—you’ve heard it a million times to describe everything from handbag-inspired diaper bags to colorful Kitchen Aid mixers, but when it comes to children’s rain boots, I say let the flood gates open for imaginative, water poof designs guaranteed to brighten up April showers (and possibly snow showers).

Once considered a novelty item, like jelly sandals and cowboy boots, rain boots have secured a spot in children’s closets as a year-round essential ready to take on the increasingly unpredictable weather. Improvements to the materials, including more flexible, comfortable and lightweight rubber, have improved rain boots’ functionality, even stretching the use of the boots across all seasons. And the newest styles’ don’t muck about. Their durable, grippy soles can handle rain and flurries. Just slip on a pair of BabyLeg legwarmers for added warmth, or try out one of the latest neoprene models that trap heat and keep little legs dry.

But let’s get back to the fun stuff—fashion. The season’s pick of rain boots are not your old-timey, duck-like yellow wellies. (Although, Hunter has a new adorable yellow boot this spring that can conveniently roll up and pack into a school bag.) With rain, comes a blast of bright colors, bold prints and new silhouettes that will make you rethink functional fashion and have you checking the forecast for the next rainy day.

RainBoots2Water Babies

Monet was onto something when he painted those water lilies: magic can happen when you blend water with a dreamy color palette. Boots by Nina Kids and Kamik take on a painterly look with watercolor hues and is the perfect canvas for pretty prints like soft polka dots. For a more tongue-in-cheek nod to the artist—and inspiration for the next generation of great artists—Nina offers a whimsical boot with finger painted tulips.

Shape Shifters

One of the biggest gripes about rain boots is their bulkiness. This season brands are rethinking waterproof footwear by introducing a new class of easy-to-wear rain shoes in unconventional silhouettes that can be worn all day. Waterproof Mary Janes by Chooka will protect fancy socks from puddles, while low rubber slip-ons kick off as easy as kids’ favorite sneakers. Plus, these are the perfect silos to show off a pair of new legwarmers.




Sharp Contrast

Black and white meet again to create a bold, statement-making look, but a pop of red will surely help these boots hail down cabs (or school buses) in a flash. As in women’s fashion, the très chic combination smacks of uptown sophistication, but oversized prints like Hatley’s polka dots and Henry Ferrera’s take on hoodstooth add an element of downtown coolness to traditional rain boot silhouettes.







Sporty Spice

Expect to see scuba-inspired neoprene in on boys’ tees and girls’ frocks and accessories as the athletic material trickles into fashion. Footwear brands are also discovering the wonders of neoprene by incorporating the durable and flexible material in their designs to help bring rain boots’ weight down and to add warm and comfort. Styles by The Original Muck Boot Company soak up springtime hues, while Lume offers a sportier alternative with neon and a side pocket to keep treasures.

Do you have a favorite pair of rain boots that you and your kiddos love?



About the Author:

Angela Velasquez

With 4 years of experience as a children’s stylist and magazine editor, Angela brings you an insider’s perspective on trends and seasonal looks that will make babies and toddlers shine in their holiday photos and at birthday parties!  Angela also has a way of making everyday clothes and accessories look special — she’ll show you how.

Emerald City: Kids’ Fashion in the Color of Spring!

Spring is sprouting up everywhere! By Angela Velasquez

With Spring around the corner, there’s no better time than now to enjoy the 2013 Color of the Year: Pantone 17-5641, also known as Emerald. Lively, radiant and lush with feel-good springtime vibes, the color was chosen for its association with growth, prosperity, clarity and renewal.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, explains, “Green is the most abundant hue in nature—the human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum.” And now, thanks to a treasure trove of rich emerald-hued children’s apparel and accessories, you’ll be seeing it a lot more in your favorite stores.

From sporty to preppy, green compliments a range of must-have spring trends. Whereas previous Colors of the Year skewed towards ultra-girly shades of pink and coral, this time both boys and girls can refresh their wardrobes with a pop of this gem of a hue.

Here are some trendy, easy-to-create looks with items that your tots may already have in their closets.


Varsity Rules

Every boy needs his lucky team t-shirt, but on days that call for something a little more tailored, collegiate-inspired layers with sporty stripes and preppy green plaids polish up an otherwise simple and easy casual look.

Captions: Old Navy cap, Tee and shorts by Gap, Andy & Evan cardigan, legwarmers by BabyLegs (Yellow & Green BL12-0147).






Palm Beach Girl

Green and pink smacks of classic Palm Beach preppy. The go-to spring trend allows little girls to indulge in their favorite things including bows, flowers, frills, and pink—while offering an easy look for moms to replicate for an adorable “Mommy and Me“ look.

Captions: J. Crew tank top, Pants and straw tote by Gymboree, BabyLegs armwarmers (Desert Rose BL12-615).





Color My World

Women’s designers have long been obsessed with color blocking.  It’s a look that is as bright and vibrant as a well-kept box of Crayola crayons and comes to life in childrenswear. Pair green with shades of blue to create a look as cool and crisp as a springtime breeze.

Boys captions: J. Crew sweater, Gap pants, socks by BabyLegs (Philip BS13-0199).

Girls captions: Cherokee sweater, J. Crew purse, legwarmers by BabyLegs (William BL13-0197)


The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the writer.


About the Author:

Angela Velasquez

With 4 years of experience as a children’s stylist and magazine editor, Angela brings you an insider’s perspective on trends and seasonal looks that will make babies and toddlers shine in their holiday photos and at birthday parties!  Angela also has a way of making everyday clothes and accessories look special — she’ll show you how.

BabyLegs Fall 2012 Carnival Collection

We have some really beautiful styles for Fall 2012. Step right up for The Carnival Collection! The Carnival Collection is a collection for girls inspired by the circus! The main colors in the collection include heather gray, bright pink, lemon-lime green and black raspberry.

BabyLegs Carnival Legwarmers

The collection contains 7 pairs of legwarmers:

  • Big Top – raspberry with hot pink polka dots. It has 3 layers of ruffles at the ankle!
  • Showstopper – This is my personal favorite pair of legwarmers from the collection. It has lime green and black raspberry stars and hot pink and white polka dots.
  • Ringmaster – heather grey featuring a lime green bird in a hot pink top hat. It contains a thin ruffle on the top and on the bottom.
  • Peanuts – black raspberry warmer with a pink circus elephant. It contains ruffles on the top and bottom.
  • Balloons - A white warmer with multi-color polka dots. This is a really versatile warmer that will go with many outfits.
  • Tightrope – Multi-color stripes with lime green, hot pink, heather grey and black raspberry. This is another very versatile design!
  • Carousel – A hot pink with a show pony. The top and bottom have a baby pink and lime trim.
BabyLegs Carnival Tights
The collection contains 2 tights:
  • Acrobat – A hot pink and black raspberry star print footless tight. I love the multi-layer of ruffles!
  • Trapeze – A polka dot and stripe footed tight.
BabyLegs Carnival Socks
The collection contains 3 pairs of socks:
  • Top Hat – This set contains a heather gray sock with the lime green bird featured on the Ringmaster warmer. The top of this sock has a pink ruffle! The other pair is a multi-color stripe sock.
  • Juggle Knee High Socks – These are my favorite of the socks :) One pair is the design of the Showstopper warmer. The other sock matches the design of the Balloons warmer.
  • Applause Knee High Socks – One pair is a bright pink with black raspberry stars. The other pair is a black raspberry with pink polka dots. These will go with so many fall fashions. I can imagine them with a cute pair of little mary janes!
Our Carnival Collection will be available in September at The Legwarmers retail for $12. Knee high socks retail for $12 and ankle socks retail for $10.  Footed tights retail for $16 and footless for $15.
What do you think? Which ones stand out to you?

Cloth Diapering in a Modern World

When I had my son, I was not living in a modern world. I assumed cloth diapers were rags and pins, and it seemed like a whole lot of work. At the time I had no internet, and resources in the community were limited (they have since grown).  We got the internet when my son was 2 months old. I started researching cloth diapers, and by the time he was 6 months old I was part time cloth diapering.

I was so completely overwhelmed with all the choices and I had no idea where to start. Cloth diapering to start is a bit expensive, but over time you save a ton of money.  My first assumptions about cloth diapering were that it would be a lot of hard work, and not worth saving the money. I was wrong. Cloth diapers are cute and they make ones you treat just like disposables they just go into the diaper pail and washer instead of the trash.  Once you find a good wash routine, cloth diapering is simple to do.

I prefer to use diaper covers, and flats folded inside of them. They dry quicker, and just work well for us. However, I do have all in one diapers too since those are more dad friendly. Getting dad on the cloth diaper bandwagon was a chore when I had my son. I went about it differently this time. Instead of trying to convince him how great cloth was, all I did was make sure that I changed the baby for two weeks. I didn’t make a fuss of it, I just used cloth diapers.  Living paycheck to paycheck, during the second week my boyfriend couldn’t figure out how he had an extra $20 in the budget. Ever since then he has been hooked.  At first he’d only use the AIO’s , but he’s starting to get the prefolds and flats down.

I am refusing to give opinions on brand of cloth diapers, detergents, and wash routines, because it is truly something you have to find out for yourself. When my son was in cloth diapers, I swore by two brands. They worked, and worked well. I never had any problems with them. When my daughter was born I figured I already knew what I liked, so I’ll stick with it. Wrong! It was a disaster. They didn’t fit her right no matter what I did, and they leaked all the time. She is just over one year old now, and I’ve finally found diapers that I like, and work well.

My advice to people going into cloth is research. Talk to people, and be ready for a lot of work in the beginning. It took me over a month to get a wash routine down that works with my front loader washer, and keeps the ammonia smell away. If you don’t have a large chunk of change to start up, check consignment stores. When I started with my son and daughter I went to a few consignment stores, and shopped craigslist for very little money. It’s a great way to get a feel for what’s out there.  Keep an eye out online at the baby stores. If you need to buy baby equipment check to see if the stores are having any deals. When I bought my front pack, every order over a certain amount of money came with a free one size diaper.  If you have a local baby store, check to see if they have cloth diaper classes. I attended one and it was great to hear other people’s tricks and tips about cloth diapering, and having a strong support system.

About the Blogger:

I’m Renea P. I’m a stay at home mommy to a one year old girl and three year old boy. I love spending time with my family, couponing, crafting, and doing fun activities with my kids.