Easy Halloween

Some moms out there are over the top with costumes- kudos to y’all for planning months in advance and handcrafting awesome, elaborate costumes for your little ones.  For the rest of us, there’s BabyLegs.  No need to slave over a sewing machine for a costume that is still classy and looks homemade.  Take a onesie or bodysuit and some easy to find costume accessories, add some BabyLegs leg warmers, and voila- instant cute costume.

Now, I’m not particularly crafty and I was still able to put together a pretty darn cute fairy princess costume for our photoshoot using stuff that you might already have around the house, and if you don’t you’ll at least use them again. Here’s the recipe:

1  gymnastics/ballet/etc. bodysuit

1 tutu

1 tiara

1 wand (optional)

1 pair fairy BabyLegs leg warmers

Quinn is going to be a bee this year- in no small part because grandma found a cute little bee vest thingy at Marshall’s for a steal.  But, because she is still so tiny, the jumpsuit that goes underneath doesn’t fit.  Luckily, BabyLegs has two super-cute options for bees this year: bee stripe and bees bumbling.  (Cute options for ladybugs too BTW.)

Click HERE for BabyLegs’ Halloween costume designs.  Good luck and happy halloween!  Boo!

2 Thoughts on “Easy Halloween

  1. I posted on your forum on facebook several months ago. For the babylegs pumpkin ones, I’m doing a stenciled tshirt (jack o lantern face pattern) with ‘pick of the patch’ written on it, babylegs for arms and legs, and she will ride in a wagon with pumpkins and wear a pumpkin hat (orange with green on the top). Simple, very inexpensive, and everything reusable!

  2. Love these Blogs, every year we as parents go over the top but with today’s economy we are teaching our kids and our selves how to be more resourceful.

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