Fashion Friday: April Showers Bring May Flowers and Fun Rain Boots!

Fashion meets function—you’ve heard it a million times to describe everything from handbag-inspired diaper bags to colorful Kitchen Aid mixers, but when it comes to children’s rain boots, I say let the flood gates open for imaginative, water poof designs guaranteed to brighten up April showers (and possibly snow showers).

Once considered a novelty item, like jelly sandals and cowboy boots, rain boots have secured a spot in children’s closets as a year-round essential ready to take on the increasingly unpredictable weather. Improvements to the materials, including more flexible, comfortable and lightweight rubber, have improved rain boots’ functionality, even stretching the use of the boots across all seasons. And the newest styles’ don’t muck about. Their durable, grippy soles can handle rain and flurries. Just slip on a pair of BabyLeg legwarmers for added warmth, or try out one of the latest neoprene models that trap heat and keep little legs dry.

But let’s get back to the fun stuff—fashion. The season’s pick of rain boots are not your old-timey, duck-like yellow wellies. (Although, Hunter has a new adorable yellow boot this spring that can conveniently roll up and pack into a school bag.) With rain, comes a blast of bright colors, bold prints and new silhouettes that will make you rethink functional fashion and have you checking the forecast for the next rainy day.

RainBoots2Water Babies

Monet was onto something when he painted those water lilies: magic can happen when you blend water with a dreamy color palette. Boots by Nina Kids and Kamik take on a painterly look with watercolor hues and is the perfect canvas for pretty prints like soft polka dots. For a more tongue-in-cheek nod to the artist—and inspiration for the next generation of great artists—Nina offers a whimsical boot with finger painted tulips.

Shape Shifters

One of the biggest gripes about rain boots is their bulkiness. This season brands are rethinking waterproof footwear by introducing a new class of easy-to-wear rain shoes in unconventional silhouettes that can be worn all day. Waterproof Mary Janes by Chooka will protect fancy socks from puddles, while low rubber slip-ons kick off as easy as kids’ favorite sneakers. Plus, these are the perfect silos to show off a pair of new legwarmers.




Sharp Contrast

Black and white meet again to create a bold, statement-making look, but a pop of red will surely help these boots hail down cabs (or school buses) in a flash. As in women’s fashion, the très chic combination smacks of uptown sophistication, but oversized prints like Hatley’s polka dots and Henry Ferrera’s take on hoodstooth add an element of downtown coolness to traditional rain boot silhouettes.







Sporty Spice

Expect to see scuba-inspired neoprene in on boys’ tees and girls’ frocks and accessories as the athletic material trickles into fashion. Footwear brands are also discovering the wonders of neoprene by incorporating the durable and flexible material in their designs to help bring rain boots’ weight down and to add warm and comfort. Styles by The Original Muck Boot Company soak up springtime hues, while Lume offers a sportier alternative with neon and a side pocket to keep treasures.

Do you have a favorite pair of rain boots that you and your kiddos love?



About the Author:

Angela Velasquez

With 4 years of experience as a children’s stylist and magazine editor, Angela brings you an insider’s perspective on trends and seasonal looks that will make babies and toddlers shine in their holiday photos and at birthday parties!  Angela also has a way of making everyday clothes and accessories look special — she’ll show you how.

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