Fashion Friday: Camp’s In

In the early morning hours along the tree-lined streets of New York City’s Upper West Side and Upper East Side neighborhoods, kids dressed in matching T-shirts and cotton shorts are mingling on sidewalks as moms and nannies spray them down with bug spray—this ritual means only one thing: summer camp season is finally here.

School is out, the fireworks have been set off and now that everyone has had their fill of hot dogs and ice cream, kids are getting into their summer routine. This year summer camp options are as diverse as ever, as camps catering niche interests like filmmaking, culinary arts, and jewelry making are springing up across the country. At Michigan’s Museum of Natural History, Muggles can channel their inner-wizard at a Harry Potter themed science camp, or test their survival skills at Hunger Games camp in Alexandria, VA.

Traditionalists can still get their fill of the Great Outdoors. According to the American Camp Association, 47 percent of camps are overnight programs. And the most popular camp activities skew tried-and-true. ACA reports recreational swimming, arts and crafts, rope challenges, archery, and aquatic activities to be the hottest items on camp itineraries.

Those activities may seem basic, but the camp business is a $15 billion dollar industry and as any parent knows, it takes a lot more than just bug spray to get kids prepared for the their summer adventure. Luckily, apparel and outdoor brands are offering smart, kid-friendly camp essentials to make their summer memories even brighter.

So take out your summer camp packing list and check off these must-have items!

The Grasshopper Backseat




Carry On

From flashlights and sunscreen to an extra set of clothes, campers must be prepared for anything. Backpacks are the easiest way to tote around these essentials, and bags from the likes of Keen go a step further with a built-in seat for when tots need a break. The Grasshopper Backseat pack features a back panel that folds down into a camp chair.






Bug Off

Between dunks in the pool and sweaty games of Capture the Flag, kids are bound to need a second shot of insect repellent spray. Treated with EPA-approved, all-natural Insect Shield®, which repels insects like fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, ByeByeBugsleg and arm warmers offer an extra layer of protection from summertime pests.







Band Camp

What’s a summer without a couple of minor scratches and scrapes? When a trip to the camp nurse isn’t necessary, bandages from Ouchies will do the trick with colorful and zany prints likes zoo animals, dinosaurs and candy.






Itzy Ritzy


Make a Splash

When a plastic grocery store bag just won’t do, wet bags from Itzy Ritzy help keep damp clothes separate from dry items and pricey electronics that kids might sneak in. The bags have sealed seams to prevent leaks and odors and are available in funky, colorful prints that make it easy for even the youngest kids to find them in their jammed-packed backpacks.






Keep Cool

When exploring the Great Outdoors, do the Earth good with eco-friendly water bottles by Lifefactory. The BPA-free glass bottles are outfitted with a protective silicone sleeve that provides grip and helps prevent breakage and they won’t fill up a landfill.




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With 4 years of experience as a children’s stylist and magazine editor, Angela brings you an insider’s perspective on trends and seasonal looks that will make babies and toddlers shine in their holiday photos and at birthday parties!  Angela also has a way of making everyday clothes and accessories look special — she’ll show you how.

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