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BabyLegs’ guest blogger this month is…well, not really a guest.  Maternity leave has provided me a few extra minutes for me to share some new mom thoughts with you and ramble about BabyLegs some too.  I know that there are about a bazillion mommy blogs out there, so this is hardly new ground I’m breaking here.  It’s just another account by another new mom about how amazing motherhood is.  There.  There’s my disclaimer.  :)

Newborn Quinn

With that said, what a week!  Quinn was born a week ago on August 31st.  I was fortunate to have had a relatively “easy” birth, with no real complications or drama, and yet it was completely crazy what a challenge it was.  And, as you know, the birth itself is just the tip of the iceberg- the feeding schedule and around the clock care is every bit (and more) grueling than I had envisioned.  Not whining here, as it has been totally worth every moment, just pointing out that moms are amazing.  Yay moms! 

I have also gained an appreciation this week for a handful of modern inventions that have made my life easier.  If you are having a baby, or know someone who is, think seriously about stocking up or gifting these :

  1. My new iphone 4 generally, and the Baby Connect application more specifically.  The iphone has helped me make the most of feeding time, which is now almost a third of my day and night.   Last night I read the NY Times, ordered two nursing tanks from, and caught up on facebook- all in the middle of the night from my phone while nursing.  The technology is blowing my mind.  And my mom loves the photos and videos I keep sending her.  Baby Connect is crazy for tracking feedings and diaper action.  I’m not getting enough sleep to remember all of this stuff and Baby Connect is the best $5.99 I’ve ever spent.  More info here.

    Sprinkled Pink

  2. BabyLegs Newborn.  Do you know how many diapers we changed today alone?  And she hates to have her legs yanked in and out of the sleepers.  Onesie, gown and BabyLegs Newborn is the current go-to for us.  Quinn is modeling the Sprinkled Pink in the photo at right.  Check them out on our site if you haven’t already.
  3. Gel wound dressing that I got from the hospital for sore nipples.  Yes, I’m talking about this here, it’s that helpful that I’m willing to mention it in front of everyone.  I am told that Soothies gel pads by Lansinoh are similar, although pricey.  Sweet relief.  Ask for some at the hospital and/or stock up ahead of time on the Soothies.  More info here.

Hope you all had a happy labor day, which despite the intended meaning to celebrate all laborers, given the holiday’s name and its timing I will forever think of the birth of our daughter instead.  Sorry creators of labor day, I’ve commandeered your holiday for my own devices and will be celebrating moms instead, myself included.  Two holidays per year isn’t asking for too much given everything that moms do, seriously.  Do something nice for yourself to celebrate belatedly.  You deserve it.  :)


10 Thoughts on “New BabyLegs Mom

  1. Congrats on becoming a new mom! Your little princess is beautiful!

    I agree that without my iPhone I would have been lost. We tracked feeding and diapers for about 6 months – once we were down to the 4x/day feedings, it wasn’t really necessary anymore. But it saved me until then!

    My biggest piece of advice: do whatever it takes to get her to have awake time during the day. I know it’s as easy as pushing an elephant through a dog door, but it makes such a difference in how they sleep at night.

    And cherish every moment. I know everyone says it, but my little girl is 8 months now and I can hardly believe it.

  2. Love this post. Your daughter is beautiful. I totally get what you mean about the Iphone it is the best thing to have while nurisng, Sounds pathetic but I don’t know what I would do without mine. We’re going on 13 months of nursing (go me) and my Iphone is glued to my hands if I don’t have it with me I ask my husband to find it for me. The app you mentioned is another great one too. We spent a lot of time back n forth from the doctors the first 2 weeks doing weight checks and without that app I wouldnt have had a clue how many times i fed the baby or for how long and how many wet and soiled diapers she had.
    Another great creme for sore nipples is the Lansinoh – Lanolin Breast Cream. It’s pricey, $10.79 at Walmart but you don’t need much at all and it works amazingly.

    Once again thank you for this article.

  3. Congrats on Baby Quinn Amy!!! She is beautiful!!! Cute blog and will be sure to check out the app, sounds awesome. Get sleep when you can. We miss you on the board!!! Noche22

  4. Amy,
    Baby Quinn is beautiful. Congratulations again! My only advice to you is to sleep when Quinn is sleeping. :) Congratulations again and can’t wait to see you back on the forum with pictures of Quinn. :)

  5. Congrats again, Amy! We’re all so happy for you. This is such a special time for mommy and baby. And I love the pic of Quinn in her BLs! You won’t believe how soon she will be really filling them out. And then she might really chunk out, with fat rolls tumbling over the top of the band. It goes so quickly; take tons of pics girl!

  6. Congratulations Amy!

    Quinn is beautiful, so glad all went wonderfully!

    All the best from the Miracle Babies Family!

  7. Ah, the fog surrounding you in the weeks (months?) following the birth of your first child… My baby is 7 months old now and when I think back to the place you’re at now… I do NOT envy you- especially the sore nipples! For two weeks I would literally cry out in pain when she would latch on. Eventually it got better, but we wound up calling her Baby Jaws. :)
    Congratulations, Amy. Enjoy the “down time”!

  8. Congratulations Amy. She is just gorgeous, and look at those legs, lol. Too cute! Reading this makes me sad that it’s been 6 months already, since sharing my own birth story, with my twinkies.

    Don’t worry my dear, time passes so quickly, those midnight, then 2 am, then 4 am feedings, will soon be a thing of the past, so enjoy every second you can, sleep when you can, and just savor it:) She’s a beautiful little girl, and I love her name. I’m big on original, and that is pretty, unique, and quite original!

    xoxo Shelly

  9. Quinn is adorable!! Baby legs were and still are definitely the way to go for easy diaper changes.

  10. Super sweet story, great helpful tips all in one blog! I am just going to suggest, (ahem, my first child of 3 is this company…) that since I assume you are in Seattle – you come over to our Bra Salon on Lake Union for some great supportive tools too!
    Tel: 206-286-8104 to make an appointment…made locally!

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