Staff Picks: Ms. Stella O’Brien




Our guest blogger, Ms. Stella O’Brien, is our resident tween fashion expert. She’s been wearing BabyLegs for years, styling them with everything from skirts to leggings to tee shirts. Today, she pulled on a pair of the ZIGGY style, from our Back-to-School collection to keep her arms warm while helping around the office. You can find Ziggy and all of her other picks on





stella staff pick




This gorgeous outfit makes a perfect first day impression… all of her classmates will be wowed by her glamorous ensemble.






stella staff picks 2




This is a great back-to-school look for boys to start the year on a classic and bright note!






stella 3



All babies have accidents…food spills, diaper leaks, and more. This multi-pack of one-piece bodysuits gives moms several changes for one whole day of clean clothes, plus, these suits allow for easy-on and easy-off. You can keep the RECESS leg warmers on while changing baby, so he stays warm, but looks cool!

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