Staff Picks: Spring is in the Air

My name is Rita Polidori O’Brien, and I’m VP of Licensing and Marketing at BabyUnited, BabyLegs’ parent company. As a mother of two, I’ve been a huge fan of BabyLegs even before I began working with the brand. My 10-year-old daughter Stella loves to wear BabyLegs on her arms to accessorize and punch up her outfits. Michael, my 12-year-old, wears Varsity styles on his legs UNDER his soccer shin guards to protect his skin.  All of us on staff have different practical ways to wear and use BL, and tips that we share for styling. Now that the BabyLegsBlog has re-launched, we’ll be contributing ideas on a rotating basis so we can share our favorite styles or teach you new things to try with BabyLegs.


As a first STAFF PICKS post, I wanted to focus on the best warm weather looks now that Spring has sprung… here are my favorite picks.


1. Home Run
I absolutely love Home Run BabyLegs for boys OR for girls.  Pair them with this sporty bodysuit from and your little slugger is ready for Spring Training!
2.  Surfer Chick
Splashing in the surf is lots of fun, but while baby is playing at the beach, she’s exposed to lots of sun. Cover up fashionably with Old Navy’s striped romper, and put Surfer Chick on arms/legs for UFP 50+ protection, wet or dry. BabyLegs’ BabyCool! collection is woven from a light mesh material that allows ventilation and breathes while it protects. I love the way the stripes play with the floral motif here… ALOHA!!
Old Navy Striped Romper
3.  Zippy Zebra
This is where it gets really WILD! Pair a classic summer gingham print with an animal print for an exciting look that’s as contemporary as it is CUTE! Zippy Zebra warmers protect young crawlers from scraped knees in the house or out.

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