Fashion Friday: Girls’ Jewelry Gets the Midas Touch

Growing up in the suburbs of Long Island, a trip to the mall was my weekend retreat not just as a teenager, but also as a very fashionable first grader with a discerning eye for color unique combinations, a love for comfortable materials (although I confess to crying for a pleather skirt) and a hunger for accessories.

Stories about dragging my mom and grandma through the racks of Swezey’s department stores for a “Monday outfit” and scouring The Children’s Place for slouch socks to wear over my leggings are retold in my family like folklore, but the real highlight of my mall escapades were the accessories stores such as Claire’s. What little girl with panache for glitter, hearts and purple wouldn’t fall in love with the store’s wall of baubles?

Many, many years later, I’ve come to the realization that as snazzy as those accoutrements were back in the day, they are likely sitting not so pretty in a landfill in New Jersey tarnished and broken.

Today’s parents and kids are savvy about investing in items even those as small as a girls’ bracelet. And children’s accessories brands are more conscious about offering items that will stand the test of time with quality materials.

Here are few of my favorite jewelry collections ready to jazz up your girls’ wardrobe.

Stella & Dot Pearl Necklace

Stella & Dot Pearl Necklace


Best known for its selection of women’s colorful bib necklaces and Boho chic beaded wrap bracelets, Stella & Dot applies that knack for statement pieces to girls’ necklaces, bracelets and earrings creating a sweet and stylish mommy and me look. Chunky clear stones on a hot pink ribbon are as cool as ice. Girls can channel their inner Audrey Hepburn with strands of pearls accented with a pop of faux diamonds, while flower children can sport enamel daisy charms.








Sarah Chloe Ring

Sarah Chloe Ring

Timeless, elegant and sentimental, Sarah Chloe’s collection of personalized jewelry is a perfect gift for special occasions. The line spans silver-plated and gold charms that can be engraved with initials to adjustable bangle bracelets in gold, silver and my personal favorite, rose gold. A classic signet ring offers a regal alternative to little princesses looking for something less bling-y than a tiara.






100% Gumdrop Necklace

100%Gumdrop Necklace


Silver and gold necklaces by 100%Gumdrop have a hip downtown vibe that will appeal to big sisters. The U.S. made nameplate-inspired collection features words like ‘awesome’ and ‘peanut’ on dainty chains. Other styles feature number charms to commerate birthdays and girls’ soccer jersey number.


Fashion Friday: Summer Fashion Glossary

The sun is out, the temperatures are rising and those heavy cotton tees in your baby’s dresser drawers just aren’t going to cut it. Brush up on your fashion vocab with these three summer fashion must-haves that promise to keep your tot cool in more ways than one.

By Angela Velasquez

Gymboree Blazer

Gymboree Blazer


Seersucker noun

Definition of Seersucker:

Typically striped or checked, this light and airy cotton fabric is a go-to material for summer suits as it tends to stand away from the skin and allow air to pass through. Unlike its lightweight rival linen, seersucker’s wrinkled appearance also means it rarely needs to be pressed.

Origin of Seersucker

Seersucker first became popular during the British colonial period in hot regions like British India. It hit its stride in the 1920s in the United States

Florence Eiseman Suit

Florence Eiseman Suit

when scholarly undergraduates began wearing it as pants and jackets. Seersucker suits soon became a mainstay in Southern gentlemen’s wardrobes and even inspired the U.S. Senate to hold Seersucker Thursday, a nod to traditional Southern dressing. The tradition ended in 2012, but seersucker continues to hold court at summer weddings and a day at the races.

How to wear it?

Instead of a tux, why not have your little ring bearer walk the aisle in an adorable seersucker suit and boat shoes? For a more casual look, pair seersucker shorts with versatile polo shirts. And protect babies from the sun with lightweight seersucker bucket hats.


JoJo Maman Bebe Shirt

JoJo Maman Bebe Shirt


Breton stripes noun

Definition of Breton stripes:

Traditionally in the form of a three-quarter length sleeve shirt with navy and white horizontal stripes, Breton is now a term that loosely describe any simple, nautical two-tone stripes that calls for the high seas.

Origin of Breton stripes

For French sailors back in the 1950s Breton stripes was more functional than fashionable. It was law for French sailor to wear the striped shirts as part of the regulatory uniform because the pattern was easy to spot sailors who fell overboard. Most of th

BabyLegs Varsity White/Royal

BabyLegs Varsity White/Royal

e sailors were stationed in the Brittany region of France, which is why the striped tee was coined Breton. The original Breton stripe top had 21 stripes—one for each of Napoleon’s victories—but fashionistas would agree that it was another Parisian named Coco, who made the classic top a summer staple when she wore it basking in the sun along the French Rivera.

How to wear it?

Resist pairing your baby’s Breton stripes with a mini beret. Instead, look for iterations that have a preppy, colligate vibe and that will match their most comfy pairs of khaki shorts. T-shirts, boat neck tops and tunics carry stripes well. Or, mix Breton striped BabyLegs with a classic white one-piece snap suit.



CDW Kids Dress

CDW Kids Dress

Madras noun

Definition of Madras:

Primarily a pattern texture or plaid design, this lightweight summer cotton fabric is often cut into squares and sewn together to create a patchwork pattern. Unlike most fabric, the front and back are the exact same.

Origin of Madras

The fabric takes its name from the city Chennai, India, where it was first made, and was originally known as “Madrasi checks.” The cloth’s popularity grew when it was exported to Africa and the Middle East for headpieces. Soon, Europe caught onto lightweight, breathable benefits of the cloth and began importing madras for soldiers based in warm regions. In the 1960s, the checked material became a hit with trendsetters when it was made with vegetable dyes that caused the colors to take on a new look with each wash.

Ralph Lauren Skirt

Ralph Lauren Skirt

How to wear it?

The material is at home on a campground, but looks just as cool on the playground as button-up camp shirts and shorts. Easy, breezy shift dresses and skirts in madras offer a relaxed, but dressy option for family cookouts and block parties.






About the Author:

Angela Velasquez

With 4 years of experience as a children’s stylist and magazine editor, Angela brings you an insider’s perspective on trends and seasonal looks that will make babies and toddlers shine in their holiday photos and at birthday parties!  Angela also has a way of making everyday clothes and accessories look special — she’ll show you how.

Fall is Perfect for Layering: Boys Fashion Guide

So, I’m going to come right out and say it.  Boy fashion rarely changes from year to year.  I know!  It upsets me, too!  I have been dressing my little boy for five years, and some of the fashions that he was rocking as a tiny baby are some of the same looks that he will be seen in today.  I have heard moms mope over the fact that dressing a little boy is not as fun as dressing a little girl, and while I have to agree (boys don’t generally wear hair clips and dresses and skirts, which have the tendency to mix up a gal’s wardrobe a bit), I also would like to put it “out there” that dressing your little boy does not have to be boring.

Checking out some of the current trends for boys, I am seeing a lot of the same things I saw last fall, which is good news for the pocketbook—provided he still fits into some of his older things.  Fall still means dark colors like blacks, browns, navy, army green, and reds.  But a lot of what I have seen sort of tends toward an “outdoorsy” kind of look, with layering built in to the outfit to accommodate any kind of weather.

In jackets, I have seen a bunch of military-inspired looks.  Military jackets with lots of pockets are a great option for the cooler days of fall.  I have also seen corduroy pilot jackets, which would look awesome with some aviator sunglasses leftover from summer.  Down vests are also a great option for fall, because they not only add a layer of warmth, but can showcase some of the great top options that are out there.

In shirts, I have seen short sleeves layered over long sleeves.  This look can be of the genuine variety… thermals and long sleeve tees under short sleeve tees or polos, or of the “faux” variety, with the longer sewn-in sleeve peeking out from under a shorter sleeve.  I would recommend the real thing for when the weather gets really cold, and save the faux variety for these days when it’s cooler in the morning and hotter in the afternoon.  Hooded sweatshirts and cardigan sweaters are more great options for a layer that is easy to take off later in the day.  If you’re looking for some totally on-trend designs, look for plenty of monsters, rock and roll, skulls and outdoor themes, and look no further than BabyLegs for all of those!  Use a pair of BabyLegs as arm warmers to create that longer sleeve under shorter sleeve look.  Or wear a pair over the sleeves of a long sleeve t-shirt or thermal to add a touch of style.  If the weather heats up or cools off, kids can take them off or put them on.  Babylegs are the perfect accessory for fall outfits!

Looking to dress up his look a bit?  One of my favorite looks is a button-up shirt left untucked and made polished with the addition of a tie.  We add a pair of jeans, a wool pea coat, and clean sneakers to finish off the look.

In the realm of pants, he can’t go wrong with corduroys, khakis, or dark rinse jeans in plain front, carpenter and cargo styles.  Almost any color works for fall, including khaki, navy, black, and army green.  Mix up the colors he wears on top and bottom, and tie them together with the addition of funky socks.  You can pull an outfit together using his striped BabyLegs socks for inspiration!

Another really fun look that starts in fall and runs through winter is a hat.  There are the outdoor, fleece variety that will be seen in the shapes of animals and dinosaurs, as well as the traditional knit hat in stripes and solids.  He might want to even bring the outdoors in by wearing a knit hat with a brim, a newsboy cap in herringbone twill or velvet, or even a fedora!  Underneath the cap, boys hairstyles are trending toward that Justin Beiber-ish tousled look, but longer, sloppier, and more surfer- or skater-cool.

For shoes, be on the lookout for casual silhouettes that include boat shoes, deck shoes, sneakers that look like hiking boots, and canvas slip-ons.  Dressy styles are tending toward that same shiny, tie up look, as well as the shinier leather slip-ons.  Boots are a big trend this year, and come in myriad styles.  Sneakers are seen in skater styles, with bold stripes on the sides and in high top form.  When wearing the high tops, the high part is being rolled down to expose the inside, or if the shoe has a long tongue, the tongue is pulled out to cover the laces.

Bottom line for fall: In kid’s fashion, it is hard to go wrong.  You can freely experiment with mixing colors and patterns and prints from head to toe.  And if the finished look ends up a little crazy, you can always say that he put it together himself.  Layer it on, and get out there to enjoy the cool, refreshing temperatures this fall!

About the blogger:

Hi everyone!  My name is Jen, and I have a passion for fashion!  I live in super-sunny/super-cloudy Ohio, and have a son AND a daughter, which creates the perfect storm for Babylegs addiction.  I hope that you find the perfect pair of Babylegs to complement your little one’s fashions this season, and that you FALL in love with Babylegs like we have.  icon smile Fall is for Fashionistas

Fall is for Fashionistas

In the old days… yes, I’m referring to the days before I had children… I spent most of July scouring fashion magazines and prepping for what my fall wardrobe would look like.  Not that I ever once realistically thought that I could pull off the outfit that the twig-like waif modeled there on page 72.  Nor would I dare to show up anywhere with that feather sticking so far up and so high over my head.  They were just examples… photographers and stylists taking creative license.   That was the fun of fall, right?  After months of blazing heat, no make-up, and barely-there clothing, autumnal temperatures gave us a great excuse to pile on the clothes, the accessories, and the make-up.

I worked retail for ten years in my former life, and I loved when the new season’s treasures started shipping in to the store.  There was intense excitement that came in those boxes… the promise of a new season with new adventures.  I was giddy!  The new season first showed up in magazines and on newsstands.  Trickling in a page at a time, and I took it all in, examined every detail.  What could I replicate on a meager retail budget?  What could I use that I already had in my closet and still be on-trend? Now that I have kids, and my life-focus has shifted to them.

So I won’t lie.  When I see a good deal on clothes for my daughter, I can’t pass it up.  A dollar for a skirt, two bucks for a sweater, three bucks for a dress??  I am so there.

Fall 2011 Fashion Inspiration:

  • Stripes/Polka Dots/Argyles/Plaid (and combinations of patterns and colors mixed together)
  • Ruffles/Ribbons/Fabric Flowers/Tulle/Fur
  • Rich Jewel Tones with Neutrals: Eggplant, Teal, Hot Pink, Emerald, Lime, Sapphire, with Grays, Black, Oatmeal, Cream

Sweater dresses in solid colors like cream, brown, lime and eggplant pair perfectly with the Folklife Babylegs collection.  Plaid skirts with a tulle underlay, and ruffle- and ribbon-embellished tees under cardigan sweaters look fabulous with a knee high sock and boot or tights with ballets flats.

Rosette and fabric flower embellishments are making a huge statement this autumn.  Look on almost any craft blog and search for “fabric flower” if you’d like to try to make some yourself.  They are made with scraps of leftover fabric or felt and attached to alligator clips or pins.  Some are made with a few simple stitches, and others are made with a hot glue gun.  They are relatively easy, are fun to make, and look super sweet when made as hair clips and pins or attached to headbands.

In the realm of dresses, the types that you will be seeing a lot of in the coming months are sweater dresses (with and without belts), ballet dresses, denim shirtdresses, and drop-waist knit dresses.  All of these would look great with a pair of BabyLegs!  My daughter will wear her dresses and short skirts throughout the cold weather months with solid-colored tights or leggings and BabyLegs legwarmers layered on top.  You can use the legwarmers stretched completely out (it covers my daughter’s whole leg), or scrunch them up over her calf.  Stretched, they look great with boots, and scrunched, they look great with ballet flats for a dressy look or low canvas sneakers for a sportier look.

Other great top options include faux fur vests, longer-length toggle sweater coats, and cardigans.  Cardigans are fabulous layering options, and come in sweater heft or in a lighter knit.  The longer-length, lighter knit (think tee shirt material) compliments outfit combinations made with skirts and long pants.  My favorite way to combine the knit cardigan is with a ruffle-collar tee shirt underneath with a tutu-skirt over plain leggings.  Keeping the colors solid and prints to a minimum helps the BabyLegs legwarmers to stand out when layered over the leggings!

Another great trend for girls is denim leggings.  They can be paired up with longer length tunic tops, long sweaters or plaid button-front shirts.  They tuck easily into a pair of tall boots, and are light enough to wear under her favorite pair of BabyLegs legwarmers.  Speaking of trends in bottoms, if you’d like her to be really fashion forward, try cuffed twill shorts with a pair of tights!

Some of the top trends in footwear this fall include items like ballet flats (look for plain, shiny, metallic and flower-embellished), Mary Janes, motorcycle boots, Ugg®-style leather boots, and sweater boots.  Try out a pair of BabyLegs socks with Mary Janes, or combine knee-high BabyLegs socks with any boot for a totally adorable and on-trend look!

The other, often overlooked, trend for girls is in accessories.  Add a charm necklace or bracelet as jewelry.  Don’t forget a newsboy hat or crochet hat to top off her look.  Winter hats that will be seen all around this season and into winter are animal-inspired fleece hats.  Dress her up in a owl or cat hat, and get the mittens that match!

One thing that you might want to consider for your budding fashionista is a “signature accessory”.  My daughter LOVES jewelry, and will stop complete strangers to look at their bracelets, necklaces or watch.  Every day, and with every outfit, she wears a strand of pearls.  Not real pearls… these were a one dollar strand that I found around Easter in the Dollar Section.  But to her, they are the real thing.  She can rock those penny pearls like nobody’s business, and is forever getting compliments on how pretty they look on her or how they complete her outfit.  Maybe your daughter’s signature accessory could be a charm necklace or bracelet, a sparkly cap, or maybe her extensive wardrobe of BabyLegs!


Listen up, frugal fashionistas!  You will love this tip!

We spent the summer in dresses and skirts.  Most of May was pretty dreary here where we live, so we relied on BabyLegs leg warmers to keep her legs warm.  Once the weather warmed up, we had strappy dresses that were perfect for the blazing heat of summer, and we’d like to keep wearing them and transition them into fall.  One of my best-kept fashion secrets for my daughter is plain tee shirts.  Short sleeve AND long sleeve ones.  One of retail’s best kept secrets is that almost all tee shirts for girls will have a print on the front, or an embellished sleeve or neckline.  When you find a PLAIN tee shirt–no print, no embellishment, no special sleeve– you need to grab it!  And in multiple colors!  We layer the plain tees under dresses, under cardigans, and layer them together!  Put a short sleeve tee over a long sleeve tee, and pair that combination up with a short skirt, some BabyLegs and ballet flats.  Dress up a plain tee by layering under a cardigan, and choose the sleeve length you want based on the weather.  Think it might get hot? Grab the short sleeve.  Looks like rain? Opt for the long sleeve.

BabyLegs Folklife Collection

The best part about dressing your little girl this coming season is that almost anything goes!  You can feel free to mix up stripes with polka dots, or combine lots of bright, bold colors.  Dressing this fall should be about what makes her feel good, what gives her confidence, and what makes her feel cute.  Want her to look even prettier than the models in magazines?  Need a signature accessory that doesn’t cost a thing?  It’s that beautiful smile from your gorgeous little girl!  A smile will mix and match with any combination of tops and bottoms, and will complete every outfit perfectly- no black eyeshadow required!

Grab a sweater and be on the lookout for plain tees!   And smile!  Fall is here and it’s for your little fashionista!


About the blogger:

Hi everyone!  My name is Jen, and I have a passion for fashion!  I live in super-sunny/super-cloudy Ohio, and have a son AND a daughter, which creates the perfect storm for Babylegs addiction.  I hope that you find the perfect pair of Babylegs to complement your little one’s fashions this season, and that you FALL in love with Babylegs like we have.  :)

Spring has Sprung at BabyLegs!

It’s still cold outside, but here at BabyLegs, things are warming up! Our new Spring 2011 is available now, including the Cool! line of BabyLegs with UV protection. Spring’s collections include Secret Garden, Bake Shop, Boys World, Candy Land, Seaside, and Cool! Kids, along with all of the Classic Favorites!

Fluttering Butterflies

Hungry Alligators

Pixie Stick
















Make fun in the sun a little safer with the Cool! Kids collection of warmers. With breathable fabrics and 50+ UPF protection, wet or dry, their little arms and legs will be protected from harmful UV rays while staying cool.

Shades- Cool!

Hibiscus- Cool!









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