Time Flies

Time flies…

I think of you BabyLeggers every day, and I truly know how blissful it is to hold your little ones. My own babies are now 12 and 10 years old, and it seems like long ago and far away that they were tiny, like so many of yours.

Rita & MichaelThough I’m not one to dispense advice or get overly-sentimental, I want to reach out to all of you who have kids in your lives.  Why?  Well, here at BabyLegs, we feel intimately connected to you because you care enough to protect your children with BabyLegs.  When I think of your daily routines and all of the joys and challenges of raising children, I’m reminded of days that seemed like an endless chain of diaper-changes, crying, feeding, laundry, chores, and yes, even bouts of loneliness.

When the kids were small, my neighbor was an elderly woman named Sally. She would see me in the yard with the kids, slathering them with sunscreen on hot days, entertaining them with the garden hose, cutting up snacks, reading to them, laughing at their antics, and getting frustrated if they bickered. As if she could read my thoughts, she’d say: “Every day seems like a year for you now.  But later on, the years will have flown by like days.”  She was right.Rita & Michael

The pictures that you BabyLeggers send to us, of your little ones playing or even napping, remind me that we often wish our lives away. We wish that the hard days would hurry into night, we can’t wait until the babies walk and talk, we hurry toward a finish line at the end of every goal.  And then suddenly, your babies are teenagers.  The years passed as quickly as days.

So here’s a little Tuesday reminder to cherish every moment, hold the babies without thinking that you might spoil them (you CAN’T!), and make every effort to engrave every these moments in your hearts.

BabyLegs loves your babies!