Fashion Friday: Camp’s In

In the early morning hours along the tree-lined streets of New York City’s Upper West Side and Upper East Side neighborhoods, kids dressed in matching T-shirts and cotton shorts are mingling on sidewalks as moms and nannies spray them down with bug spray—this ritual means only one thing: summer camp season is finally here.

School is out, the fireworks have been set off and now that everyone has had their fill of hot dogs and ice cream, kids are getting into their summer routine. This year summer camp options are as diverse as ever, as camps catering niche interests like filmmaking, culinary arts, and jewelry making are springing up across the country. At Michigan’s Museum of Natural History, Muggles can channel their inner-wizard at a Harry Potter themed science camp, or test their survival skills at Hunger Games camp in Alexandria, VA.

Traditionalists can still get their fill of the Great Outdoors. According to the American Camp Association, 47 percent of camps are overnight programs. And the most popular camp activities skew tried-and-true. ACA reports recreational swimming, arts and crafts, rope challenges, archery, and aquatic activities to be the hottest items on camp itineraries.

Those activities may seem basic, but the camp business is a $15 billion dollar industry and as any parent knows, it takes a lot more than just bug spray to get kids prepared for the their summer adventure. Luckily, apparel and outdoor brands are offering smart, kid-friendly camp essentials to make their summer memories even brighter.

So take out your summer camp packing list and check off these must-have items!

The Grasshopper Backseat




Carry On

From flashlights and sunscreen to an extra set of clothes, campers must be prepared for anything. Backpacks are the easiest way to tote around these essentials, and bags from the likes of Keen go a step further with a built-in seat for when tots need a break. The Grasshopper Backseat pack features a back panel that folds down into a camp chair.






Bug Off

Between dunks in the pool and sweaty games of Capture the Flag, kids are bound to need a second shot of insect repellent spray. Treated with EPA-approved, all-natural Insect Shield®, which repels insects like fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, ByeByeBugsleg and arm warmers offer an extra layer of protection from summertime pests.







Band Camp

What’s a summer without a couple of minor scratches and scrapes? When a trip to the camp nurse isn’t necessary, bandages from Ouchies will do the trick with colorful and zany prints likes zoo animals, dinosaurs and candy.






Itzy Ritzy


Make a Splash

When a plastic grocery store bag just won’t do, wet bags from Itzy Ritzy help keep damp clothes separate from dry items and pricey electronics that kids might sneak in. The bags have sealed seams to prevent leaks and odors and are available in funky, colorful prints that make it easy for even the youngest kids to find them in their jammed-packed backpacks.






Keep Cool

When exploring the Great Outdoors, do the Earth good with eco-friendly water bottles by Lifefactory. The BPA-free glass bottles are outfitted with a protective silicone sleeve that provides grip and helps prevent breakage and they won’t fill up a landfill.




About the Author:

Angela Velasquez

With 4 years of experience as a children’s stylist and magazine editor, Angela brings you an insider’s perspective on trends and seasonal looks that will make babies and toddlers shine in their holiday photos and at birthday parties!  Angela also has a way of making everyday clothes and accessories look special — she’ll show you how.

Staff Picks: Tweens

StellaOne of the most stylish 10-year-old girls we know, Stella O’Brien is daughter of our VP of Marketing.  She’s been a fan and advocate of BabyLegs for years, and still enjoys pairing them with her favorite outfits as a finishing touch that adds interest.

“BabyLegs are easy, fun and cool to wear — they’re extremely versatile and add a pop of color if you need to brighten. When I layer them, I always get compliments so kids should be prepared to get compliments if they wear them!”

These are STELLA’s PICKS for TWEENS (though most items are available in toddler sizes as well), in her own words:






Since the bows are dressy, the sequins are perfect — sequins make everything go POP!  Also, the black in the shorts adds sophistication so the outfit’s not TOO girly! Shorts and tee from









This pairing with a crew-cuts dress is really timeless. The stripes of red add a surprise to the outfit and creates a classic “sailor girl” look.










The ruffles on the tee soften these “fierce” armwarmers! I picked the gray skinny jeans because they look dressier than blue denim.

Fashion Friday: Summer Fashion Glossary

The sun is out, the temperatures are rising and those heavy cotton tees in your baby’s dresser drawers just aren’t going to cut it. Brush up on your fashion vocab with these three summer fashion must-haves that promise to keep your tot cool in more ways than one.

By Angela Velasquez

Gymboree Blazer

Gymboree Blazer


Seersucker noun

Definition of Seersucker:

Typically striped or checked, this light and airy cotton fabric is a go-to material for summer suits as it tends to stand away from the skin and allow air to pass through. Unlike its lightweight rival linen, seersucker’s wrinkled appearance also means it rarely needs to be pressed.

Origin of Seersucker

Seersucker first became popular during the British colonial period in hot regions like British India. It hit its stride in the 1920s in the United States

Florence Eiseman Suit

Florence Eiseman Suit

when scholarly undergraduates began wearing it as pants and jackets. Seersucker suits soon became a mainstay in Southern gentlemen’s wardrobes and even inspired the U.S. Senate to hold Seersucker Thursday, a nod to traditional Southern dressing. The tradition ended in 2012, but seersucker continues to hold court at summer weddings and a day at the races.

How to wear it?

Instead of a tux, why not have your little ring bearer walk the aisle in an adorable seersucker suit and boat shoes? For a more casual look, pair seersucker shorts with versatile polo shirts. And protect babies from the sun with lightweight seersucker bucket hats.


JoJo Maman Bebe Shirt

JoJo Maman Bebe Shirt


Breton stripes noun

Definition of Breton stripes:

Traditionally in the form of a three-quarter length sleeve shirt with navy and white horizontal stripes, Breton is now a term that loosely describe any simple, nautical two-tone stripes that calls for the high seas.

Origin of Breton stripes

For French sailors back in the 1950s Breton stripes was more functional than fashionable. It was law for French sailor to wear the striped shirts as part of the regulatory uniform because the pattern was easy to spot sailors who fell overboard. Most of th

BabyLegs Varsity White/Royal

BabyLegs Varsity White/Royal

e sailors were stationed in the Brittany region of France, which is why the striped tee was coined Breton. The original Breton stripe top had 21 stripes—one for each of Napoleon’s victories—but fashionistas would agree that it was another Parisian named Coco, who made the classic top a summer staple when she wore it basking in the sun along the French Rivera.

How to wear it?

Resist pairing your baby’s Breton stripes with a mini beret. Instead, look for iterations that have a preppy, colligate vibe and that will match their most comfy pairs of khaki shorts. T-shirts, boat neck tops and tunics carry stripes well. Or, mix Breton striped BabyLegs with a classic white one-piece snap suit.



CDW Kids Dress

CDW Kids Dress

Madras noun

Definition of Madras:

Primarily a pattern texture or plaid design, this lightweight summer cotton fabric is often cut into squares and sewn together to create a patchwork pattern. Unlike most fabric, the front and back are the exact same.

Origin of Madras

The fabric takes its name from the city Chennai, India, where it was first made, and was originally known as “Madrasi checks.” The cloth’s popularity grew when it was exported to Africa and the Middle East for headpieces. Soon, Europe caught onto lightweight, breathable benefits of the cloth and began importing madras for soldiers based in warm regions. In the 1960s, the checked material became a hit with trendsetters when it was made with vegetable dyes that caused the colors to take on a new look with each wash.

Ralph Lauren Skirt

Ralph Lauren Skirt

How to wear it?

The material is at home on a campground, but looks just as cool on the playground as button-up camp shirts and shorts. Easy, breezy shift dresses and skirts in madras offer a relaxed, but dressy option for family cookouts and block parties.






About the Author:

Angela Velasquez

With 4 years of experience as a children’s stylist and magazine editor, Angela brings you an insider’s perspective on trends and seasonal looks that will make babies and toddlers shine in their holiday photos and at birthday parties!  Angela also has a way of making everyday clothes and accessories look special — she’ll show you how.

Staff Picks: Summer Survival

The BabyLegs team takes great pleasure in looking at the samples hanging on our office walls and imagining endless squeal-worthy looks that can be created with BabyLegs.  Staff Picks are so much fun to compile, and we hope that we inspire you to get creative! While BabyLegs are an essential, just like your favorite one-piece snap suits and rompers, they offer parents and kids the joy that comes from accessorizing and changing up looks on a daily basis. So check out what we’ve matched up with the styles from our SUMMER SURVIVAL KIT line — BabyCool! And ByeByeBugs — that will help you protect your little ones from sun exposure and insects!  Then have fun shopping, because all BabyCool! And ByeByeBugs styles are 50% off this Memorial Day!!

Head over to the BabyLegs website to shop for BabyCool! and ByeByeBugs for just $6 per pair now through Sunday, June 2nd! Use code: SUMMER at checkout.

Love Splash


Love Splash- BabyCool!

Pink is one of the key colors of summer:  lemonade, plastic lawn flamingoes, and juicy watermelon, and strawberry ice-cream come to mind.  That’s why I chose to set off BabyCool! Love Splash warmers with a bright pink swimsuit and accessories.

I especially love the way the turquoise trim on the suit ties back to the accent color on the hearts!!




Crawling Caterpiller


Crawling Caterpiller- ByeByeBugs

I was inspired by the expression “A Walk in the Woods” when pulling this mod-ish look together. Earthy tones, a bucket hat that features insects, and ByeByeBugs your little man’s arms and legs for protection make a perfect summer outfit, and one that keeps baby comfortable.

Getting insects to BUG OFF was never easier… or CUTER!




Sea Garden


Sea Garden- BabyCool!

Protection against the sun doesn’t have to put a damper on a summer swimwear ensemble! She’ll make a splash at the beach or pool with these essentials. Don’t forget the sunscreen!







Surfs Up


Surf’s Up- BabyCool!

ORANGE CRUSH! One of my very favorite colors, orange is spectacular when set against medium blue. This ensemble, built around the BabyCool! style “Surf’s Up,” is simply too cute for words. Don’t forget a sun hat and glasses to protect baby’s face, where skin is so tender.






Lovely Lady 

Lovely Lady- ByeByeBugs

Does anything else scream summer more than Sperry’s, shades, and a pair of BabyCool? I don’t think so! A fun morning on the docks or a casual day out, these items keeps your little chick polished and comfortable.






Treasure Island

Treasure Island


Treasure Island

Your little man will be ready to take on a rowdy beach day conquering sand castles and battling waves (with the help of Mom or Dad) – HANG LOOSE, KID!








Skyhigh Dragonfly

Skyhigh Dragonfly


Skyhigh Dragonfly

Protected and stylish – you can’t ask for anything more. Pink power shorts with warmers for her legs OR arms can keep this gal chillin’ all through the summer.








Shark Tank and  Spinning Jenny

Shark tank goes perfectly with this color blocked swim suit. Add a pair of Ray Bans and he is one BabyCool! dude! Keep the bugs away in style with coordinating Spinning Jenny with a teal dress and flip flops.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank

Spinning Jenny

Spinning Jenny



Bubbly- BabyCool! and Awesome Antics- ByeByeBugs

Neon is a popular trend this summer – so I picked Bubbly for its bright fun ruffles and paired it with a coordinating ruffle swimsuit and snorkel set. Awesome Antics looks great with a coordinating neon t-shirt and comfy draw string shorts and camo sneakers.




Awesome Antics

Awesome Antics


Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider- ByeByeBugs

I think of classic American style when I see overalls, and it’s really never too soon to get baby into a pair! Long pants in summer make perfect sense if baby will be near grassy areas or woods, where insects hide.  To keep arms protected as well, ByeByeBugs is a diaper bag essential… toss a pair into your purse or car so that if the need arises, you’ve got your baby covered.

TIP: Pull ByeByeBugs on when baby will be exposed to insects. Here, the long pants will keep legs covered, but ByeByeBugs can be put on the arms to protect while keeping baby cool.

Staff Picks: Casey C.

Casey_CurtisMy name is Casey Curtis, and I’m the Director of Ecommerce at BabyUnited. Though I’m not yet a mother, I’ve clocked some serious time with kiddos when I was a nanny in college. I had the pleasure of spending my afternoons with several wonderful children from newborn to 10 years old. I was fortunate enough to learn the value of BabyLegs early on, and when I had the opportunity to join the BabyLegs team, I couldn’t have been more excited!

Now that spring is in full swing, and summer is fast approaching, I wanted to show off a few of my favorite BabyLegs styles with great outfits from Baby Gap. It’s no secret that the vintage/retro vibe is trendy this year, and that’s definitely extended into the children’s wear arena as well. BabyLegs Spring collection has great styles that coordinate well with this trend.


This adorable dress has a sweet muted palette and adorable bow straps. Paired with strappy sandals, a sunhat and BabyLegs Tranquility warmers, you’re little one is all set for a trip to the waterfront or tea-time with their imaginary friends.









She’ll look sweet as can be in this simple, yet chic, lace dress. Pair with BabyLegs Rosette and white sandals for a classic ensemble perfect for a summer picnic.










There are few things cuter than a babe in a romper. This sweet number is perfect for rolling around in the grass or playing on the jungle gym. Add BabyLegs Petals for a pop of mod styling and these dot chambray sneakers to complete the look.







Color blocking is a great trend from fall which transitioned effortlessly into summer. Pair this adorable top with Janelle warmers and these sweet pink floral shorts and she’ll be ready to go anywhere!








Who says boys clothes have to be boring? Break away from the cargo shorts rut and put these hip neon shorts on your little man for a fun pop of color. Pair with this fun sub shirt, hat and BabyLegs Edward warmers to complete the look!







Fly Away Fly Away:

A simple pocket tee and sandals, paired with these casual striped shorts and Fly Away BabyLegs make the perfect outfit for a lazy afternoon spent reading under a tree or hanging around on the playground.







BoardwalkBoard Walk:

How could you resist this adorable mustache bodysuit? Paired with Board Walk newborn warmers and bright loafers, you’re little man will look so charming!








Heart FeltHeart Felt:

Spotted- your little gal looking cute as can be in this garden bodysuit and Heart Felt warmers!